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Do you feel like you are created for more, but somehow are stuck in a place that won’t let you get there?

Perhaps you doubt that freedom and deliverance are available to you?

You Were Created for More…It Is Your Destiny

My friend, you are not alone.

It took me a lifetime to look in the mirror, linger and feel right about who was looking back. I have faced these questions up close and personal. For many years I was successful by external standards, yet I didn’t feel worthy or at peace inside. Sometimes I felt confused and disconnected. I struggled with demons of shame, guilt, and confrontation anxiety. I kept painful secrets. In my times of despair, I was too afraid of rejection to ask for help.

At the very moment I decided to give up, God reached down for me and said, “No! My grace is sufficient! I am not going to let you go.” He told me that my despair was not the life he had designed for me. He said that he was holding my destiny in trust for me. He reminded me that I was not my circumstances. He told me that nothing that happened in my life, the good, the bad, or the scary would be wasted. He promised me that everything I needed to live my best life, to live the revelation of my purpose, was inside of me waiting to be born. He delivered me.

My name is Tyra. I am an author, talk show host, coach and inspirational speaker. I am a survivor. I learned to separate my purpose from my circumstances. The car accident couldn’t kill me. The brain tumor, thyroid cancer, unemployment, homelessness, divorce, and clinical depression could not defeat me. I have arrived at a season I call my best life. I rejoice in the knowledge that I deserve to be here; that I am worthy! And I can say without a shadow of a doubt that your deliverance is possible as well. I am here to encourage you, to listen to you, to walk with you.

Tyra's intuition and ability to coach you beyond the pain of your past and inspire you to do the work
necessary to step boldly into your future is phenomenal. She is one of the wisest women I know and I
am delighted to have her in my corner, cheering me on along the way. With Tyra on my side, I am confident that I will move through the challenges life brings.”

Lethia Owens, President/CEO, Game Changers International, Inc.

Disclaimer - Coaching services provide support, guidance and insight for clients and should in no way be viewed as professional counseling or therapy. It should be noted that with any coaching session, outcomes have many intervening variables and many possible outcomes.

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