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Is the person you were meant to be missing in action?

Are you ready to live a life full out and on your terms?

Picture with scar removedFor years I wasn’t sure I could measure up to the external expectations of me. As a result, each morning I looked in the mirror and created a mask designed to project success, confidence, and joy which I did not always feel. I was emotionally dishonest. I wanted people to believe the way I looked, the things I possessed, the places I went, and the things I did were indeed, me.

Predictably there came a season of extreme pressure when both the mask and the mirror cracked. I could no longer “perform” successfully the Tyra I thought people expected to see. “Showtime” was over. I lost confidence and courage. I felt powerless, unworthy, and disconnected. I withdrew and finally gave up.

In that dark, separated, confused, and seemingly hopeless place I realized that my carefully designed mask had virtually hidden my true essence and needs from the world. My demons of pride and shame prevented me from asking for help in my desperation. I was emotionally disconnected at the very time when the connection was critical to my survival.

Amazingly in that dark lonely place, I learned something life-changing. Something I am compelled to share.

If the person you are meant to be is missing in action or you’re not living life on your own terms, it doesn’t have to be this way. I can help you. I believe the most instantaneous meaningful relationship is formed when one says to another, “What, you too? I thought I was alone.” Once you realize you are not alone, that you have what it takes within you to be your best, that you are not your circumstances, you are positioned to achieve your life’s longing.

I have spent the last fifteen years mentoring and coaching those needing direction and support in the areas of life skills, leadership development, effective and efficient communications, and improved self-image. Their positive outcomes were my blessings.

You can effectively and efficiently transition from your “no longer” to your “not yet” by defining your own formula for success that will never fail you.

Resources to Help You Grow:

MemoryBoxClick here to learn more about my latest book “The Memory Box, a true story about the power and provision of God’s grace.” I am committed to walking with you on this journey and I have a FREE gift just for you. Simply enter your name and email at the top of this page and I’ll send you the first chapter of my book for your reading enjoyment.

Now is your time and your season to live a life full out and on your own terms! My breakthrough coaching entitled, “BE DELIVERED INTO YOUR DESTINY!” may be just what you need to step into your something greater. Click here to learn more.

My speaking topics include:

  • The Superwoman Syndrome – The Cost of the “S” on Your Chest & How to Soar Without Your “Cape”
  • Nothing is Wasted – Using the Mask of Your Past to Uncover Your Future
  • Delivered into Destiny –Walking Your Purposed Path
  • Say Yes to the Power Within You

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Yours truly,

Tyra Garlington

Tyra's intuition and ability to coach you beyond the pain of your past and inspire you to do the work
necessary to step boldly into your future is phenomenal. She is one of the wisest women I know and I
am delighted to have her in my corner, cheering me on along the way. With Tyra on my side, I am confident that I will move through the challenges life brings.”

Lethia Owens, President/CEO, Game Changers International, Inc.

Disclaimer - Coaching services provide support, guidance and insight for clients and should in no way be viewed as professional counseling or therapy. It should be noted that with any coaching session, outcomes have many intervening variables and many possible outcomes.

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