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Tyra Garlington woke one morning dizzy, disoriented, and alone on the bathroom floor. Her pain was excruciating and she could barely breathe. Unable to move or call for help, she soon closed her eyes and surrendered to what she believed was inevitable. What happened next would change her forever. The Memory Box is a story of how one woman came to truly know and live the promise of God’s grace that had always been promised.

It is a series of reflections that give hope to anyone experiencing abuse, betrayal, clinical depression, or loss. In her brokenness, Garlington found peace and a way to move on to live a brilliant life full of giving, of helping others understand the power of knowing that you are not your circumstances and that God’s grace is there to uphold you and propel you forward in ways unimaginable. When your heart attacks you violently and unexpectedly, you pray. As you struggle, you realize that God’s presence, power, protection, and provision is there to sustain you.

Tyra Garlington found the secret to his infinite grace-that its timeless promise came shining through was more than amazing-it was sufficient. Her story is her gift to you. To receive it, please open your heart and hear God’s message of grace for you.

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Tyra's intuition and ability to coach you beyond the pain of your past and inspire you to do the work
necessary to step boldly into your future is phenomenal. She is one of the wisest women I know and I
am delighted to have her in my corner, cheering me on along the way. With Tyra on my side, I am confident that I will move through the challenges life brings.”

Lethia Owens, President/CEO, Game Changers International, Inc.

Disclaimer - Coaching services provide support, guidance and insight for clients and should in no way be viewed as professional counseling or therapy. It should be noted that with any coaching session, outcomes have many intervening variables and many possible outcomes.

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