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Speaking Topics

Delivered into Destiny – Prepared on Purpose

Audience: All Women

Synopsis: Deliverance is a healing transforming process that takes us away from what we have done and what has been done to us. It clears a path for us to become acquainted with the great intent and design God has for us. Destiny is the purpose for which we are designed and created. The desires of our heart, our gifts, and our passions align to position us for a successful purpose-filled life. We begin to live in a better way, and we begin to be more.

If you are looking for an authentic and dynamic speaker for your event to empower women, I would love to share my transformational story with your group.

They will:

  • Experience an inspirational, empowering, and encouraging testimony about survival against all odds.
  • Hear how an unexpected “benediction” became deliverance into a destiny of passion and purpose.
  • Discuss how deliverance repositions us into our purpose.

“Tyra, thank you for your wisdom, your commitment, and your wonderful communication skills. I will always carry a little of Tyra Garlington around with me.”Darlene Glass, Peninsula Motor Club

Nothing is Wasted – Using the Mask of Your Past to Uncover Your Future

Audience: Ideal for all women in personal or professional transition

Synopsis: Are you wearing a mask? You know, to cover the stuff only you and God know about? The stuff that is safely hidden under your makeup? The stuff you think of as your imperfections and secrets; the feelings of shame and guilt about things done to you over which you had no control.

If you are looking for an authentic and dynamic speaker for your event to empower women, I would love to share my transformational story with your group.

They will:

  • Meet themselves in the mirror without their masks.
  • Understand that it’s the things that you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth.
  • Embrace their significance and learn that nothing that has happened in their lives; the good, the bad, and the scary will be wasted in their purposed filled life.

“You are a very special person, with a gift for getting to the heart of the problem and making sure everyone sees it. I wish you could pass that along to me, especially in this time of stress and trouble in this organization. I enjoy talking with you so much, and always come away knowing what I need to do. You are inspirational and a unifying force! You will be missed.” Elizabeth Murphy, Leadership Fairfax Inc., CEO

The Superwoman Syndrome – The Cost of the S on Your Chest & How to Soar Without Your Cape 

Audience: Women who are living who they think they are supposed to be and struggling to gain and maintain balance among the competing priorities in their personal and professional lives.

Synopsis: Baby Boomer and Gen X women in this increasingly competitive world often forget to treat themselves like someone they love. The pressures of their multiple and sometimes conflicting roles have them ignoring what is best for them. They often create a persona of “Superwoman” in order to survive. When they miss the mark, they often lose perspective and blame themselves. They are unable to separate themselves from their circumstances. As a result, the purpose for which they were created is compromised.

Women will be empowered to:

  • Identify the barriers that are keeping them from living the life they want versus the life they think they should live.
  • Articulate the purpose for which they think they were created.
  • Understand the difference between their circumstances and their purpose.

“A steel magnolia through and through, Tyra has the Southern-belle delicate exterior with an unbreakable core that has seen her through many obstacles. While she has suffered abuse, loss, and cancer; her unbounded faith and belief that God has led her to help others who face insurmountable odds, volunteering to help women dealing with domestic violence and homelessness and mentoring children who live in worlds they cannot control.”Amelia Townsend, Director of Communications, Reston, Association.

Say “Yes” to the Power Within You!

Audience: All women involved in goal setting and dreams

Synopsis: Have you ever wondered if you are living less than Christ died to give you?

Perhaps God has called you to some endeavor and you are frustrated that it has not become a reality. Setbacks and challenges are opportunities for you to renew and reposition yourself. This is a time of preparation and testing. It is okay to be afraid as long as your courage is greater than your fear.

Women will be encouraged to:

  • Be accountable for their success.
  • Inventory current personal and professional goals.
  • Identify any barriers to success.
  • Identify requirements necessary to break down barriers.

“I will so miss watching you masterfully bring people together around complex thoughts for the intended purpose of inspiring thought and action.”Karen Cleveland, Chairman of the Board, Leadership Fairfax Inc.

Tyra's intuition and ability to coach you beyond the pain of your past and inspire you to do the work
necessary to step boldly into your future is phenomenal. She is one of the wisest women I know and I
am delighted to have her in my corner, cheering me on along the way. With Tyra on my side, I am confident that I will move through the challenges life brings.”

Lethia Owens, President/CEO, Game Changers International, Inc.

Disclaimer - Coaching services provide support, guidance and insight for clients and should in no way be viewed as professional counseling or therapy. It should be noted that with any coaching session, outcomes have many intervening variables and many possible outcomes.

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